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See The 'Whole Elephant." 盲人摸象 “blind men touch elephant."

You probably remember the parable of the blind men and the elephant. A group of blind men heard that in the nearby forest there was an elephant, a beast they had never encountered. So, they hurried into the trees and found the elephant. Each grabbed a part of the elephant and yelled out a description of what he held, believing that that part described the whole elephant. 

This parable applies to China investments. 

Focusing on seeing the 'Whole China Elephant,' this approach looks behind the business and economic factors that are the usual focus to situate each issue into its full China context—political, policy, social, cultural, and military—and demonstrates how these all factors interrelate to drive the business and economic ones.

By taking into account all the drivers of the Chinese economy, you not only understand more fully what’s happening in China, but you also sharpen their ability to predict what’s going to happen by identifying the 'Canaries in the China Mine,' the second prong of the CHINA Debate approach.


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CHINADebate brings together investment professionals & China thought leaders

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CHINADebate thought leaders & investment professionals come from leading Chinese and western firms and institutions, such as...



What People Are Saying

Grace Gu — Global Macro Portfolio Manager, BlackRock Obsidian Fund

'Why is CHINADebate special for me?' 

'... But few have the depth of local expertise, broad spectrum of perspectives, uncensored insights, and interactive nature of the conversations to rival that of Malcolm's CHINADebate offerings.' 

Jim Hodge — President and Chairman of the Investment Committee, Permal Asset Management LLC

'I find CHINADebate, and Malcolm’s network, invaluable.'

'After years of trying and failing, I finally began to feel I had some understanding of China’s economics and politics after attending Malcolm’s CHINADebate events. I find CHINADebate, and Malcolm’s network, invaluable.'

John Holden — Associate Dean for International Relations, and Professor, Peking University

'What distinguishes CHINADebate from other fora is ...'

'... that it brings together a highly productive mix of people with business, policy, and academic expertise for in-depth, practical-oriented discussions ... The sessions are lively, engaging and filled with useful information and insight.'

Jay Epstein — Chair, U.S. Real Estate Practice, DLA Piper

'The CHINA Roundtable is a terrific information resource, and more,...'

'... Moreover, the gatherings bring together real estate and academic professionals that enable an active exchange of ideas on current, real-world experiences involving Chinese investment in the US real estate sector.'

Bill Daly Managing Director, BlackRock

'A “must have” session.'

'... for those wanting to stay abreast of China and its growing impact on the world.'


Karin Shewer — Chairman of the Board, Real Estate Capital Partners

'CHINADebate offers thought provoking, insightful conversations...'

'...with very knowledgeable experts in their respective fields in a small group environment.  These Roundtables offer invaluable information for anyone interested in investing in China.'

Yuwei Zhang — Assignment Editor, China Daily USA

'CHINADebate is a forum that gathers China Hands from both US and China...'

' share their unique views on the hotly-debated issues related to US-China relations. It's informative and insightful and is a good resource for journalists.'

Ron Schramm Professor Emeritus, Columbia University

'A fantastic forum.'  

'The best thing on China I have attended. High quality of speakers and great group.' 


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Malcolm Riddell

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Investment banker, lawyer, diplomat, Harvard academic, and CIA case official, Malcolm Riddell has participated in China’s rise to international economic and political power for over 30 years.



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