Youguo Liang

Youguo Liang S.png
  • Global Head of Research, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
  • Former Managing Director, Prudential Real Estate Investor

Jun 6, 2013 CHINARoundtable China and Its real estate market: transition from high economic growth to high consumer class expansion

He earned his PhD in finance from the University of Kentucky and M.A. in management and B.S. in operations research from the University of Science and Technology of China. Prior to joining Prudential in 1997, Dr. Liang was a Senior Vice President at Lend Lease Real Estate Investments and director of Research at the Yarmouth Group, Inc.

Dr. Liang is a CFA charter holder, a Weimer School fellow at the Homer Hoyt Institute, a fellow of the Real Estate Research Institute. He was the past chair of the PREA Research Committee (2005-2009) and the past president of the American Real Estate Society (2003-2004). Dr. Liang currently is the international editor of Real Estate Finance and in the past has served as managing editor of The Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management and co-editors on special issues of The Journal of Portfolio Management and The Journal of Real Estate Research. Dr. Liang has published more than 100 research manuscripts in both academic and industry journals, such as Real Estate Economics, The Journal of Portfolio Management and The Wharton Real Estate Review.

Dr. Liang has evaluated more than $70 billion real estate investments in the U.S. and around the globe. He has been a frequent speaker in industry conferences held in the U.S. and internationally.